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Protect your airspace using UTM tools

Be wise while riding.

A technology revolution at your fingertips

Flying a drone with unparalleled peace of mind is now a reality thanks to the tools of the UTM Canada. This innovative organization offers a multitude of modules specially designed to meet the needs of the aeronautical industry, including its detection and alert module.

When you take control of your drone, whether for surveillance, mapping, research missions or any other use, safety is your top priority. This is where the UTM Canada intervenes, offering a complete range of tools designed to guarantee the safety of flight operations.

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Real-time aircraft detection

The application of aircraft detection in various fields of activity

  • Cartography and topography

  • Aerial photography and videography

  • Surveillance and security

  • Precision agriculture

  • Infrastructure Inspection

  • Search and rescue

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Parcel delivery

  • Entertainment and leisure

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Why choose our Alert Service?

A solution that meets industry criteria

Imagine yourself piloting your drone with complete peace of mind, knowing that you benefit from this cutting-edge technology that watches over youryour safety and that of others in the sky. You can focus on the mission at hand, knowing that you are supported by UTM Canada.


Furthermore, the UTM Canada is not just about flight safety. They also provide tools for flight management, route planning, coordination with aviation authorities, COAS request and much more. Their commitment to the aviation industry is clear: they want to contribute to the growth and development of this exciting technology while ensuring everyone's safety.


The module UAS has the ability to alert you by email, SMS, and soon by voice call at any time of the day, based on your personalized settings. It offers a multitude of options when it comes to the distance and height between your mission and aircraft, allowing you to customize your alerts to suit your needs.

This management module is exceptionally powerful, allowing you to define one or more areas of interest to monitor air travel or any type of aircraft. With this feature, you can easily identify risk areas or areas of intense aviation activity, allowing you to make informed decisions and ensure the safety of your operations.

In summary, thanks to the tools of the UTM Canada, you can now fly your drone with complete peace of mind, knowing that you are benefiting from cutting-edge detection and alert technology to ensure the safety of your operations. Do not hesitate to explore all the possibilities offered by the UTM Canada to improve your skills as a drone pilot and to contribute to the development of this promising industry.

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Make safety your priority

Safety first: at UTM Canada, we place security at the heart of our missions. Trust us to offer you a solution designed by aeronautics experts, specially adapted to your industry. We invite you to discover how we can help ensure the safety of your flight operations.

Please feel free to contact us today to begin a discussion about your safe piloting needs. Find out how our service UTM can be a major asset to your operations by scrupulously respecting industry regulations. We are here to help you prevent potential threats and ensure your travels are successful.

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