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Protect your airspace against drones

Drone detection and aerial surveillance

A revolution in aviation technology

Civil aviation has experienced a technological revolution with the advent of drones. While these small flying devices provide many opportunities for aerial photography, surveillance and entertainment, they also pose security and privacy challenges and possibly dangerous in your environment.

At the house of UTM Canada, we are committed to securing the airspace of your event or location with our cutting-edge drone detection service, based on unique technology we developed in-house.

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Drone detection, a revolution in various fields

Drone detection can be applied in various fields of activity.

  • Airport Security

  • Law application

  • Event Management

  • Security of Industrial Sites

  • Border Security Management

  • Rescue and Search

  • Prison Security

  • Sports Event Security

  • Security of Government Facilities

  • Port and Ship Security

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Why choose our UDS drone detection service?

Cutting-edge detection tools protecting your airspace

Complete Protection:
We have developed advanced technology in-house, designed by our own team of engineers, to detect the presence of unauthorized drones in your area. Our detection system gives you the ability to prevent potential intrusions before they pose a threat.

Quick Answer:

If an unauthorized drone is detected, our team of experts reacts quickly to locate the threat in order to transmit the information to you. We also work closely with local authorities to ensure the safety of your event or venue.

Continuous Monitoring:

Our detection system operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring constant surveillance of the airspace. You can concentrate on your event with complete peace of mind.

We tailor our services to your specific needs. Whether you are organizing an outdoor festival, an important meeting or want to protect a sensitive industrial site, we have the solution for you.

Legal Compliance:
We comply with all applicable regulations and laws regarding the use of drones. Our service is designed to help you stay compliant with legal requirements.

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Make Safety Your Priority

When you choose UTM Canada's team of experts for drone detection, you make the security of your event or location a top priority. Don't let unauthorized drones compromise the safety of your guests, staff or facilities. Protect your airspace with our expertise.

Contact us today to discuss your security needs and find out how our drone detection service can help you prevent potential threats and ensure the success of your event or venue security.

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