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"From Heaven to Earth: Canada Through the Eye of the Drone"

The 10 Best Places in Canada for Drone Photography

Canada, with its vast expanses and breathtaking landscapes, is a paradise for drone photography enthusiasts. From the majestic mountains of the west to the rugged cliffs of the east, here are the ten must-see places to capture the true face of Canada from the sky.

1. Banff and Jasper National Park, Alberta

Imposing mountains, lush forests and crystalline lakes: Banff and Jasper National Park are Canadian icons. Lake Moraine and Lake Louise are real jewels, shining with a unique turquoise glow.

2. Niagara Falls, Ontario

The famous Niagara Falls are not only impressive at ground level. Seen from the sky, the power and majesty of these falls take on a completely new dimension. However, make sure you comply with local regulations on drones.

3. The coast of Nova Scotia

The Cabot Trail, meandering along the coasts of Cape Breton Island, and the rocks carved by the sea at Peggy's Cove offer photographic perspectives not to be missed.

4. Big Bear Rainforest, British Columbia

A real ecological treasure, this intact rainforest offers images of quiet fjords, ancient forests and abundant fauna.

5. Quebec City, Quebec

The historic roofs, cobbled streets and fortifications of Old Quebec seem to come straight out of a postcard, especially seen from above.

6. Magdalen Islands, Quebec

A unique island landscape with its golden beaches, eroded cliffs and a vibrant sea of changing shades.

7. Pointe-Pelée National Park, Ontario

A paradise for ornithologists, this park is also a treasure for photographers, offering images of bird migrations and varied coastal landscapes.

8. The Prairies, Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Capture the essence of Canada's vast agricultural land, where the sky seems to extend to infinity over the golden fields.

9. Yukon and the Northwest Territories

Des terrains sauvages, des aurores boréales dansantes et des rivières sinueuses font de ces régions un rêve pour les photographes.

10. Vancouver and the Sea-to-Sky Highway, British Columbia

This panoramic road offers a spectacular transition between the urban metropolis and the imposing mountains.


Whether you are a drone professional or an enthusiastic amateur, Canada has something to offer every photographer. Make sure you always check and comply with local regulations To make the most of your aerial photography experience.

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