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Drone intrusion into sensitive areas: a growing problem in Canada and Quebec

Technological advances have made it possible to popularize the use of drones. While these flying devices can be great tools for aerial photography, surveillance or even parcel delivery, they can also be a scourge when they fall into the wrong hands. In Canada, and more particularly in Quebec, there is an alarming increase in drone intrusions in critical areas such as prisons.

Drones: an invisible threat

Prisons, which are supposed to be strongholds of security, are not spared from this threat. These flying devices, often small in size and can be controlled remotely, can be used to illegally introduce objects or substances into establishments. Drugs, weapons, mobile phones, all elements that can harm the security and good management of detention centers.

Current technologies: incomplete solutions

Faced with this threat, various drone detection technologies have emerged. But unfortunately, not all of them are up to the stakes. Many of them are unable to detect all drone models, including the most recent or those modified to escape radars. These flaws offer offenders an opportunity to continue their illegal activities. The market is full of solutions claiming to offer complete protection against drones. However, in practice, many of them have shortcomings. This is where advanced technology comes in, which, when combined, can compensate for the shortcomings of conventional tools.

A combined technology: the response to the scourge?

Without wanting to dwell too much on our own technology, it should be noted that the combined approach seems to be the most promising to deal with this threat. By combining different detection methods, it is possible to obtain much wider coverage and intercept most malicious drones.

In conclusion

The intrusion of drones into sensitive areas is a serious problem facing Canada and Quebec. And if technology is at the origin of the problem, it can also be the solution. But it is crucial to choose the right technologies, those that offer complete coverage and not those that allow certain drones to pass. It is time to act to guarantee the safety of our institutions and our fellow citizens.

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