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Drone agricole

List of our services

UTM Canada specializes in complete management and detection solutions, offering a platform specially adapted to the needs of drone operators (SATP)

We offer drone operators an online tool that meets Transport Canada standards. Using advanced technologies, it monitors the airspace, integrating safety and responsibility. The software offers access to several services and manages fatigue and air traffic.

UTM solution

UTM Canada's online solution offers a comprehensive platform for managing drone operations, combining advanced sensing for secure surveillance and responsible integration into airspace.

Jouer avec un drone


We provide you with experienced drone pilots for secure and efficient professional operations. Entrust us with your drone piloting needs, we will be able to respond to them with expertise and reliability.



UTM Canada offers a complete consultation on regulations, specialized flight operations certificates for BVLOS drones, piloting, aircraft, feasibility. Collaborations with municipalities and emergency services to obtain COAS and adapted equipment.


UTM solution


UTM Canadaoffers drone operators who wish to fly BVLOS an online management and operation tool that complies with Transport Canada standards. Thanks to a combination of advanced detection technologies, including our various sensors on our sites and partner sites such as: Drone ID, ADS-B, Mlat, radar, RF, visual and audio, UTM Canada also detects drones in the airspace, enabling safe navigation and effective airspace surveillance.

The software also brings together weather services and air traffic with a multitude of intuitive options for informed decision-making.


  • centralized management of aircraft air traffic.

  • continuous surveillance of airspace.

  • continuous monitoring of weather conditions.

  • flight planning, drone registration, and authorization

  • data collection for in-depth analysis of your drone performance.

  • detection alert management system (DAA) integrated by text message, SMS.

  • simplified COS request.

  • advanced level of permission and security. 

  • Fly your drone safely.

  • All our technologies comply with the standard FIPS 140 level 3.


UTM Canada offers a complete or modular solution including, among others, centimeter-precision navigation systems for drones, DAA technology for security, reliable C2 links for real-time communication, an efficient operational structure for security and compliance BVLOS.

The app is constantly evolving, meeting high industry security standards to deliver cutting-edge features.

Scalable options

  • Improvements to detection capabilities.

    Integration of AI and machine learning: For advanced data analysis and better decision-making in real-time.

    comply with local and international regulations regarding drones.

  • Expanded planning functionality: Enabling more sophisticated management of flight routes, restricted areas, etc.

  • Integration of real-time weather information: For better consideration of climatic conditions in drone operations.

  • Integration with other air traffic management systems: Facilitating cooperation with air regulatory bodies for better coordination.

  • support for BVLOS (beyond line of sight) operations: Enabling drone operations at greater distances and expanding the possibilities of use.

  • online operational structure.

In short, using a UTM system allows you to conduct your drone operations more safely, efficiently, in compliance with regulations, and maximizing their potential in various application areas.




Discover UTM Canada - Your partner for all your drone needs!

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced company to meet your specific drone needs? Whether for COAS (Special Air Operations Certificate) services, obtaining permits, or simply a qualified drone pilot, look no further! UTM Canada is here to help you.

Our team of experts passionate about aviation and drones is ready to support you in all your efforts. Whether you need to operate flights in restricted areas or obtain specific authorizations, we have the expertise to guide you every step of the way.

At the house of UTM Canada, we are equipped with the latest technologies and the most advanced tools, which allows us to provide high quality services and exceptional results. Our priority is safety and compliance with current regulations, which allows us to offer you reliable solutions that meet all requirements.

Ingénieurs sur toit solaire

Whether you are a business, government organization, or individual, we are ready to meet your specific drone needs. Whether mapping missions, infrastructure inspections, aerial video filming or surveillance, we have the experience to complete each task with professionalism and precision.

Don't wait any longer and contact us today to discuss your drone needs. Our dedicated team looks forward to helping you achieve your goals by providing industry-leading services and tailored solutions. Trust UTM Canada for a safe, efficient and successful flight experience!




We are proud to offer you a complete consultation service covering regulations, piloting techniques as well as different types of aircraft such as drones. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with sound advice to assess the feasibility of your aerial projects.

Our role was to support them in obtaining their COAS (Specialized Air Operations Certificate) and to advise them in the choice of equipment and training adapted to their teams. We are proud to have been able to contribute to their success and safety in the field of flight operations.


At the house of UTM Canada, we believe in the importance of safety and compliance in the drone industry. This is why we put our expertise at your disposal to help you navigate with confidence the regulations in force and to guide you towards best practices in piloting.

We are passionate about remotely piloted solutions and we are committed to staying at the cutting edge of technology to offer you the best solutions for your aerial projects. Our goal is to support you every step of the way, providing you with personalized advice and helping you make informed decisions.

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