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Access the full potential of drones!

Complete ecosystem including a UTM 

(Unmanned aircraft system Traffic Management).

Complete ecosystem including a UTM (Unmanned aircraft system Traffic Management).

for BVLOS drone operations in Canada exceeding regulator and industry requirements.

UTM Canada offers an ultra-powerful online tool for drone operators who want to fly safely according to Transport Canada requirements.

We use several detection technologies and monitor the airspace in real time for secure operations of your drone. The software integrates different sources of essential information for operators, accompanied by numerous management modules to promote informed decisions and navigation that is both precise and safe.

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Your centralized operations at your fingertips

Cutting-edge Tools for Advanced Drone Management

UTM Canada provides you with a wide range of online functionalities for your drone (Advanced Precision Remote Control System - SATP). You can prepare your flight plan, submit your certificate requests COAS, and drive safely in mode BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) thanks to high-performance tools that are interconnected with various sources of information in real time.

UTM Canada specializes in comprehensive analysis of all conditions, integrating various real-time information sources, such as weather data, KP indices, NOTAM (Notices to Airmen), as well as visual detection. This approach brings together all the essential data to ensure the security of your mission. Thanks to our detection tool DAA and our anti-drone shield UDS  cutting edge, coupled with advanced warning module for aircraft UAS, you benefit from unrivaled flight safety.


By taking advantage of a particularly intuitive use based on an operational structure inspired by aviation, you can not only optimize the management of procedures, but also ensure compliance with current regulations.(RAC) thanks to continuous support, allowing you to carry out or have carried out your drone operations with complete confidence.

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The power of UTM

Operational structure

An operational structure in aviation for drones is necessary to guarantee the safety and reliability of flights. It makes it possible to define the roles and responsibilities of the different actors involved in drone operations, as well as the procedures and protocols to follow to guarantee flight safety and minimize the risk of incidents. It also makes it possible to integrate drones into existing airspace while respecting aviation standards and regulations. The operational structure for drones includes flight planning, in-flight surveillance, communication with air traffic controllers, and emergency safety procedures.


DAA systems use sophisticated sensors to quickly detect surrounding obstacles and avoid collisions, ensuring the safety of drone flights. They can be seamlessly integrated into BVLOS (beyond line of sight) operations for optimal airspace management. These devices are essential to ensure reliable, secure and efficient use of drones in a multitude of commercial and industrial applications.

Radio communication

Radio communications for drone operations include aviation VHF communications for communication with air traffic controllers and other airspace users, as well as communications between crew members for coordination of the operation drone.

High precision navigation

High-precision navigation for drones uses navigation technologies such as GPS systems, inertial sensors, cameras and RTK networks to enable drones to move with high precision. It enables drones to follow precise routes, maintain a stable position, land and deliver accurately, and adapt to changing environmental conditions. It is used for applications such as mapping, building inspection, precision agriculture, monitoring and delivery.


C2-Link (Command and Control Link) systems enable two-way communication between drone operators and the drones themselves. They enable operators to plan and monitor drone missions, receive real-time feedback on drone performance, and make decisions in the event of an emergency. C2-Link systems are essential to ensure the safety and reliability of drone operations, particularly for BVLOS flights.


UDS anti-drone shield

At UTM Canada, we have developed cutting-edge anti-drone shield technology to ensure airspace security during important events or locations, providing highly effective drone detection.

Turnkey operation

We have developed a comprehensive range of services to address all aspects of drone use, providing our customers with a complete and customizable turnkey solution. Our approach is modular, meaning we can tailor our services to precisely meet the specific needs of each client. 

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UTM Hub - The resource center for all things UTM and RPAS.

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